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The Cultural Intelligence Project is a multi-award-winning First Nation advisory, renowned for its forward-thinking diversity and inclusion consultancy and expertise in improving business culture.

Plant Mirror Reflection
Plant Mirror Reflection

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National Indigenous Times features The Cultural Intelligence Project
The Australian features The Cultural Intelligence Project
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Achieve your diversity and inclusion targets with The Cultural Intelligence Project

With so many expectations on small businesses and large corporations to remain competitive in oversaturated markets and an employer of choice, improving cultural awareness, building cultural competency and creating culturally safe workplaces can seem overwhelming. However, with the assistance of experts in First Nation advisory, we can replace the overwhelm with excitement and intrigue that will result in achieving your diversity and inclusion targets. 

The Cultural Intelligence Project works with you to design bespoke cultural intelligence frameworks and integrated Aboriginal strategies designed to seamlessly integrate cultural respect and inclusion into your organisation, moving towards more conscious business practises. We will walk alongside you and teach you how to embrace a journey of meaningful engagement with First Nation communities, enhancing your corporate practices through a unique Aboriginal lens.

With our specialised focus on Aboriginal strategies, and cultural awareness as a stepping stone to a culturally safe workplace, we achieve effective Aboriginal recruitment and retention, alongside diversity and inclusion targets, as we empower your business to champion diversity and forge sustainable, socially responsible partnerships.


Join us in shaping a more culturally competent and inclusive business world.


The Cultural Intelligence Project was founded by highly respected, multi-award-winning First Nation Entrepreneurs - Yawuru/ Bunuba women Adele + Cara Peek, who have dedicated their lives to helping communities and businesses transform through positive change.

The Cultural Intelligence Project
 is the authority on cultural intelligence. Named by Acquisition International, The Cultural Intelligence Project is Australia's most Conscious Business.

The Cultural Intelligence brands
 exist to promote the importance of diversity and inclusion through conscious business practices to advance First Nation people.

With a deep understanding of the critical role that cultural intelligence plays in today's diverse world, The Cultural Intelligence Project works with small businesses and organisations to improve diversity and inclusion, increase recruitment and retention through creating culturally safe workplaces and, boosts
brand reputation.

The Mission

we future-proof conscious businesses with culturally intelligent solutions.

The Vision 

To be recognised as courageous and trusted global thought leaders in Cultural Intelligence.





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The Cultural Intelligence Project wins 2022 NBN Innovation Award
The Cultural Intelligence Project wins the 2023 Conscious Business in Australia

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