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The Cultural Intelligence Project

One platform. Seven culturally clever ways into #consciousbusiness

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Who We Are

One platform. Seven culturally clever ways in.

The Cultural Intelligence Project is a collective of outlets that exist to promote ways conscious business can become core to all brands and organisations. The mothership of conscious business, TCIP is a future led business powered by respected co-founders - Adele + Cara Peek. Both women have dedicated their lives to helping people and businesses transform mind-sets that result in positive change.

Our Cultural Platforms

Seven collaborative ways to connect through #consciousbusiness

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The Cultural Intelligence Project

The mothership of conscious business, TCIP is led by respected co-founders - Adele + Cara Peek, who have dedicated their lives to helping people and businesses transform mind-sets that result in positive change.

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Cultural IQ Education

Cultural IQ is the education portal available to businesses of all shapes and sizes who wish to elevate cultural awareness, raise CQ scores and implement internal training that creates meaningful outcomes.


Peek Consulting

Peek Consulting is a professional advisory service that educates and up-skills businesses to deliver positive internal and external outcomes by  empowering organisations with culturally intelligent strategies.


Colourwash Co.

The Colourwash Co is an inclusive creative agency that exists to support businesses in applying diversity bound applications across brands for major marketing and campaign outputs.


Make it Happen HQ Innovation Hub

Make It Happen HQ is not just another co-working space but a positively charged, inovatively geared, entrepreneurs hub that empowers First Nations people to act on their entrepreneurial dreams from Broome, WA. Launching mid 2021.


YYD Events + Experiences

YYD Events & Experiences offers creative and strategic planning services across live formats. All projects connect back to elevating the narrative of colour - be it a music festival or global summit meeting.


Saltwater Country

Saltwater Country is a not for profit organisation dedicated to empowering and mobilising the connection of aboriginal people to land, horses and stockmanship pride above the 26th parallel.


Rhythm & Ride

Rhythm & Ride is the annual rodeo, music and camp-draft event [by SWC] hosted in Broome, WA. This event is designed to bring local culture, country, people food and music together to celebrate strong aboriginal ties to this craft.


The Cultural Intelligence Project Services

Discover Our Unique Expertise

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Cultural conversations that matter.

Get to the heart of change by working with your organisations cultural intelligence.

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Intelligent Educational Portals.

Empower your business + teams through meaningful education programs.

Business Meeting

Long and short-form cultural strategy work.

Create internal and external change with culturally intelligent strategies.

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Brand Diversity + Campaign Consultancy.

Market your brand or next campaign with diversity and inclusivity considered.

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Innovation Hub training and opportunity.

Help Make It Happen HQ members achieve their goals in this innovative space.

Festival Crowd

Life changing and meaningful experiences and activations.

Expert guidance and design around stunning live programming that respects all narratives.

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Supporting local community and outcomes.

Not for profit member organisation dedicated to better outcomes for aboriginal people in Broome, WA.

Cowboy and Wild Horses

Connecting education and safe community events.

Creating new ways of empowering, healing and educating through music and rodeo culture.


Connect with Us

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