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First Nation Advisory

We champion diversity and inclusion, driving reconciliation through a multi-layered approach that integrates First Nation advisory and builds upon your cultural awareness. Our reconciliation process is comprehensive, with multiple touchpoints designed to resonate and be well-received. We are your expert partner, applying a culturally intelligent lens to every facet of your business, ensuring impactful outcomes that surpass expectations.

The Cultural Intelligence Project’s First Nation Advisory is dedicated to collaborating with diverse individuals and organizations across various sectors through raising cultural awareness and advocating for diversity and inclusion.


Our goal is to forge partnerships that yield positive results for First Nation communities. With our deep expertise in diversity, equity, and inclusion, we champion the cause of First Nations, ensuring they thrive in environments that are culturally respectful and safe.

The Cultural Intelligence Project Founders, Adele Peek and Cara Peek
Aboriginal Woman

A RAP is a strategic roadmap that outlines the steps and actions required to promote reconciliation and build positive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The Systems Action Plan within the RAP focuses on implementing systemic changes within organisations to embed cultural respect and inclusion in their core operations. As an experienced and well-respected First Nation Advisory, we utilise the process to ensure reconciliation efforts are not just symbolic but deeply integrated into the company's culture, policies, practices and leadership.

Reconciliation in action = First Nation Impact. 

The Cultural Intelligence Project's unique brands support individuals and businesses to learn and grow.  The Cultural Intelligence Project's brands provide culturally aware platforms to ensure Reconciliation can be actioned through consulting, self-paced ed-tech platforms and opportunities for partnerships and/or volunteering. The Cultural Intelligence Project brands support those who wish to elevate their diversity and inclusive initiatives through real action and connection.

Aboriginal women, girl, daughter
Straw Weaving

TCIP's clients and partners

Harvard University
K and L Gates Law Firm
Climate Friendly
Vu Consulting
E Commerce Tribe
Indigenous Business Australia
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