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First Nation Business

Cultural intelligence for the advancement of First Peoples.

What: Focus and priorities (as above in Vision expanded) 

Conscious Business Practices

International mindset, people-centred, place-based with global reach and values.

Deep Stare

Ethical First Practices

TCIP's legendary footprint is imprinted by an unshakeable dedication to catapult businesses to an exceptional echelon of cultural brilliance and intellect.
Through our encompassing programs and initiatives, we charge organisations with the strength to cherish diversity, nurture inclusion, and shape a symphony of cultural harmony.

Cara Peek

Growing up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, Cara's upbringing mirrored many others, rooted in a household of mixed heritage. Being a Yawuru/Bunuba woman and being raised in a hardworking family, her early years were marred by instances of discrimination, including laws that once forbade her grandparents' union. 


A pivotal moment arrived when her father suffered a workplace injury, exposing her to an unjust system that left her mother shouldering the weight. These profound experiences steered Cara towards international law with an emphasis on human rights working across the globe and culminating in the inception of TCIP to champion human rights for First Nations Peoples from remote, rural and regional communities, acting local while thinking global.

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Adele Peek

Adele is a proud Yawuru/Bunuba woman whose journey originates from the bustling outer suburbs of Melbourne to the remote corners of Broome. Living with undiagnosed dyslexia, education wasn't just challenging; it became a barrier. But adversity often fuels determination. For Adele, it paved the way to a profound understanding of communication and its power to bridge gaps.


Throughout her life, Adele witnessed firsthand the barriers to education and accessibility, especially in remote regions where opportunities were sparse and violence a looming shadow. But she also recognized that education was a beacon, a pathway out of the constraints of a low socio-economic background. With every venture, from an art gallery to youth working and onto The Cultural Intelligence Project, Adele sought to drive economic opportunities for her people and societal upliftment.

Why Adele and Cara work together

Their coming together was organic, two streams converging into a mightier river, a force of nature.


Both Cara and Adele had ascended the treacherous ladder to executive levels, facing workplaces that were often toxic, racist, discriminatory, and not culturally safe. Especially for an Indigenous woman, such environments not only failed to recognize their potential but actively sought to diminish it. The higher they climbed, the clearer it became that the corporate world wasn't designed for them. The constant tug-of-war between their roles in all-white executive environments and their commitments to their communities exacted a tremendous toll on their mental health and well-being.


But the two women are not the type to bow down to adversity. They are specialists in First Nations engagement and strategy, seasoned fighters who know the lay of the land. While the world tried to knock them off their pedestals, they firmly believed in leading with integrity. They recognized that biases, often ingrained and unspoken, impact not just them but countless others who were pushed into the shadows.

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Shared Vision for Cultural Intelligence

And so, out of this shared vision, The Cultural Intelligence Project was born. It isn’t just about confronting biases; it is about making individuals uncomfortable enough to introspect, to hold themselves accountable for their actions. TCIP stands as a beacon for those who believe in choices that do no harm to others or the environment, and for those who want to wear their crowns without fear.


Cara and Adele's mission transcends their organisation. They are advocates, amplifying the voices of those who often went unheard. Through initiatives like newspaper case studies, they spotlighted the unsung heroes, making sure they were seen, heard, and valued.


Their alliance isn’t just about personal success or breaking ceilings. It is a call to arms, urging everyone to be a part of a positive solution. Every morning, they rise with a determination to give their all, are proud of their mission, and are firm in their belief that the world can change, one story at a time.

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