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The Cultural Intelligence Project

Welcome to the mothership of Cultural Intelligence.  TCIP is a dynamic, agile and innovative organisation that boasts its own well-defined ecosystem for all to opt into. 

The innovative sister brands exist to

promote the importance of #ConsciousBusiness to all

When you donate to TCIP Ecosystem, you can claim tax deductions on your contributions of $2 or more (subject to your personal tax position). All donations will be securely processed through Stripe, your card number is not stored on our website.

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The Cultural Intelligence Project

TCIP's legendary footprint is imprinted by an unshakeable dedication to catapult Australian businesses to an exceptional echelon of cultural brilliance and intellect. Through our encompassing programs and initiatives, we charge organisations with the strength to cherish diversity, nurture inclusion, and shape a symphony of cultural harmony. We gift businesses with the tools, knowledge, and strategies to voyage through cultural complexities, hence bestowing measurable financial gains to First Australian enterprises and communities, fostering lasting growth and affluence.


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inclusion consulting

The Cultural Intelligence Project

The Cultural Intelligence Project (TCIP) is a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm that aims to redefine the role of culture in businesses and bring indigenous empowerment to the forefront of the business agenda. We believe in the critical role of cultural intelligence in our diverse and interconnected world and strive to make a positive impact on the lives of First People.

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