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We future proof conscious businesses with culturally intelligent solutions. The legacy we want to leave is one of transformation and empowerment. It will have left a significant mark on the world by promoting cultural intelligence, supporting First Nations talent, and making a positive societal, cultural and economic impact on the lives of First People and their impact on the world.

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Offering

TCIP is a Cultural Intelligence consultancy dedicated to promoting conscious business practices, empowering First Nations People, and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in organisations.

Cultural Intelligence Framework

 A comprehensive and adaptable resource designed to enhance cultural awareness and competence within organisations. It provides a structured approach for individuals and teams to develop their understanding of the First Nations people and culture, leading to more effective communication, thoughtful practices and collaboration. The framework empowers businesses to navigate cultural differences, fostering a respectful and inclusive environment that promotes and celebrates First Nations advancement.

Reconciliation Action Plan

A strategic roadmap that outlines the steps and actions required to promote reconciliation and build positive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The Systems Action Plan within the RAP focuses on implementing systemic changes within organisations to embed cultural respect and inclusion in their core operations. It ensures that reconciliation efforts are not just symbolic but deeply integrated into the company's culture, policies, practices and leadership.

Recruitment and Retention

Services tailored to assist businesses in attracting, hiring, and retaining Indigenous talent. By adopting culturally sensitive and inclusive recruitment practices, organisations can create a diverse and representative workforce that reflects the broader community. This service addresses unconscious biases, provides cultural competency training to hiring teams, and supports the development of inclusive policies to ensure a successful and sustainable Indigenous workforce.



Cultural Empowerment + Thought Leadership

A renowned leader in culturally intelligent conscious consulting services, is widely recognised across industries. Our approach to consulting is characterised by awareness, empathy, and directness, ensuring that both the process and outcome have a profound impact. We go beyond expectations to uncover additional value for our clients, making every engagement truly transformative.

Indigenous Business

With a focus on empowering Indigenous entrepreneurs and business owners, TCIP's Indigenous Business initiative provides customised support and resources to foster the growth and success of Indigenous-owned enterprises. From business development and mentoring to access to funding opportunities and markets, TCIP's Indigenous Business program facilitates economic empowerment and self-determination for Indigenous communities.

Corporate with Indigenous Lens

This offering encourages organisations to adopt an "Indigenous lens" in their corporate operations, decision-making, and engagement. TCIP assists companies in integrating Indigenous perspectives and values into their corporate social responsibility initiatives, supply chain management, and environmental and community engagement efforts. By embracing an Indigenous lens, businesses can create a positive social impact while building meaningful partnerships with Indigenous stakeholders.

Cultural Intelligence and Competence

TCIP's cultural intelligence and competence program equips individuals and teams with the knowledge and skills to navigate cultural differences effectively. By fostering cultural competence, organisations can create an inclusive and respectful workplace that embraces diversity and empowers teams to understand and have profound respect for First Nations People and Culture.

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Redefine your business culture with TCIP

A forward-thinking consultancy that specialises in Cultural Intelligence, offering services to promote conscious business practices and empower First Nations People. With a deep understanding of the critical role of cultural intelligence in today's diverse world, TCIP works with organisations to enhance workplace culture, boost employee engagement, and improve brand reputation.

Audit Frameworks and Reviews

 This offers a systematic evaluation of an organisation's cultural inclusivity and Indigenous engagement practices. Through comprehensive audits and reviews, TCIP identifies strengths, gaps, and areas for improvement, enabling businesses to implement targeted strategies for cultural competence and reconciliation.

Indigenous Procurement

This service encourages businesses to engage in ethical and sustainable procurement practices with Indigenous suppliers and businesses. TCIP facilitates connections between organisations and Indigenous suppliers, supporting economic growth and creating opportunities for Indigenous businesses to participate in the broader economy.

Stakeholder Engagement

The service assists organisations in building authentic and meaningful relationships with Indigenous communities and First Nations People, government agencies, and other stakeholders. By understanding the cultural nuances and historical context, businesses can foster trust, mutual respect, and collaboration with their stakeholders, leading to positive outcomes for all parties involved.

Culturally Intelligent Project Management

This service applies cultural intelligence principles to procurement and content management projects, ensuring Social Return on Investment (SROI). By incorporating cultural perspectives and respecting Indigenous knowledge, organisations can maximise the social impact and sustainability of their projects, generating positive outcomes for both the business and Indigenous communities for generations to come.

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